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[3 days only] “Christmas Campaign” will be held!

The exciting holiday season is just around the corner. This year, we have prepared a small gift to express our gratitude to everyone who always supports AMARC. Titled " Christmas Campaign " , we will deliver some products available at AMARC LIFE STORE at discounted prices!

The period is 3 days from December 22nd (Friday) to December 24th (Sunday) . In addition to selling at discounted prices, we also offer free shipping on some items. In addition, previously popular items that were sold out will be re-released for a campaign limited time, albeit in very small quantities.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to purchase many products at great prices!

Christmas Campaign

<Event period>

December 22nd (Friday) noon - December 24th (Sunday) 23:59

*After the campaign ends, it will be sold at the regular price.
*All products are in limited quantities. Please note that the offer will end as soon as it runs out.

<Target items>

20% OFF

✔️Original mid-length flare coat <br>Regular price 38,500 yen → Special price 30,800 yen

The A-line silhouette, created by using plenty of firm cotton and polyester fabrics, creates a dramatic impression. The large collar and V-line have the effect of making your face appear sharper and smaller. It has been treated to be water repellent, so you can wear it without hesitation even on rainy days and enjoy it in a wide range of seasons.

✔️Original wool flare coat <br>Regular price 47,300 yen → Special price 37,840 yen

The glossy and fluffy fabric is made from high-quality 100% wool thread, giving the deep navy a more chic look. Because it uses fine-count yarn, it looks and feels lightweight. The large collar makes your face look gentle and neat, and the three-dimensional A-line silhouette adds a dramatic edge to your outfit.

✔️FABIO RUSCONI for AMARC stretch knee-high boots <br>Regular price 45,100 yen → Special price 36,080 yen

I've tried all sorts of knee-high boots, but this one! I couldn't find any, so I asked Italian shoe brand FABIO RUSCONI to create my ideal pair. It's easy to put your feet in, it's easy to walk in, it makes your legs look slender, and it's designed to look good with adult clothes. In addition, we made various requests such as a little traditional elements, and produced it from AMARC's original wooden pattern. Like Okusa, I tried all kinds of boots but couldn't find anything that suited me, so I gave up on knee-high boots. This is a pair that I would like such people to take on.

✔️Packing pouch set <br>Regular price 17,600 yen → Special price 14,080 yen

A nylon packing pouch that comes in 3 sizes: S, M, and L. It has a handle that is convenient for taking it out of a suitcase and carrying it around, and the back is made of mesh material that is highly breathable. It has good ventilation and makes it easy to check the contents without opening the zipper, which saves time. Another great feature is that you can wash it in the washing machine if it gets dirty.

10% OFF

✔️Ohayo,Oyasumi Oil Serum Set
Regular price 13,200 yen → Special price 11,880 yen

Four years have passed since the concept was conceived. An original oil serum that took many years to develop. The oil serum, which has been created with careful attention to ingredients, texture, scent, and container structure, can be used in a variety of ways, such as as a booster, moisturizer, and adding shine. ``Ohayo'' contains ingredients such as purple root, which removes dullness. A refreshing scent based on lemongrass. "Oyasumi" contains jojoba oil that moisturizes the skin. Scented with lavender, which has a relaxing effect.

✔️Live Love Laugh NMN 15000
Regular price 37,800 yen → Special price 34,020 yen

An original supplement that contains NMN, an aging care ingredient that has become a hot topic due to its anti-aging effects. In addition to NMN, it contains a total of six selected beauty ingredients, including soy isoflavones, also known as phytoestrogens, placenta, coenzyme Q10, resveratrol, dolomite, and iron.

✔️Big color down coat <br>Regular price 47,300 yen → Special price 42,570 yen

A down coat featuring a large collar and a drawstring design at the waist. The silhouette changes greatly depending on how much the drawstring is tightened and how the double zip is opened, giving it a variety of looks, including casual, feminine, and dress-up. It has a design that adults can wear elegantly, with a zipper that has a presence that creates a cool and rich atmosphere, and a structured silhouette with a rounded hem and a slightly longer back.

✔️Turtleneck cut and sew <br>Regular price 12,100 yen → Special price 10,890 yen

AMARC's original turtleneck cut and sew is popular every year. The material is a smooth milled fabric so that it doesn't look unfashionable. We also focused on creating just the right amount of sheerness that even adult women can wear without hesitation. In order to maintain that translucence in every detail, the edges of the fabric are not woven in, but instead given a mellow finish (processed using a sewing machine). You can also wash it at home.

✔️Thick shirt <br>Regular price 20,900 yen → Special price 18,810 yen

The base is a mannish shirt. However, the flowing drapes and rich cognac color look sexy - the mixed mood adds depth to the style. You can wear it alone, layer it, or layer it inside or out, so it's a staple in your wardrobe all year round. A generous amount of fabric was used and a deeper tuck was added to emphasize the drape. When it moves, it creates a fluffy breeze and leaves a beautiful aftertaste.

✔️Josianne roll x AMARC special set <br>Regular price 13,750 yen → Special price 12,375 yen

By continuing to use Josianne Roll's products, I felt that my scalp environment had improved, and now I can say, ``I like my current hair the best.'' This AMARC special set is based on the shampoos, lotions, and treatments that Ohkusa uses on a daily basis, and includes a before bath scalp and hair pack, as well as a gift size bath essence for hair and scalp.

✔️ [Collaboration with chef Riko Yamawaki] Original apron <br>Regular price 8,580 yen → Special price 7,722 yen

An original apron created in collaboration with Riko Yamawaki, a popular chef whose cooking series "Body Reset 3x3 Recipes" is published every Wednesday on AMARC. Easy care is a must for aprons that are used every day. Not only is it breathable, absorbent, and quick-drying, but it can be used without ironing after washing, and the more you use it, the softer it becomes. This time, we have selected 100% high-quality French linen fabric from France, which is famous for producing the world's best linen.

free shipping

You can purchase products that normally require shipping (items under 10,000 yen including tax) with free shipping.

“AMARC magazine issue.03” will also have three covers that were available only for pre-orders on special sale!

✔️AMARC magazine (issue.01~03)

✔️AMARC magazine issue 3 set

✔️Ohayo Oil Serum (single)

✔️Oyasumi Oil Serum (single)

✔️Live Love Laugh NMN 15000 [6-day trial size (18 capsules)]

*The inside page of the AMARC magazine limited edition cover has the same content as the regular edition.

Limited quantity/resale

A product that was sold out due to popular demand will be re-released for a Christmas campaign only! We will be selling a special stock of previously sold items that we have reserved for exchanges, etc. This event will also be held for 3 days only. Also, each product is only available in a small quantity, so be sure to check it out!


RED CARD TOKYO for AMARC “Katharine” 24,200 yen [Okusa height: 161.8cm, wearing size: 24]
RED CARD TOKYO for AMARC “Katharine” 24,200 yen

The “Actress Series” is a collaboration between AMARC, “RED CARD TOKYO” and “upper heights”. The first product is Katharine, created in collaboration with RED CARD TOKYO .

The base is `` Marmalade Midrise '', which is said to be a masterpiece among RED CARD TOKYO. This model features a flared silhouette that has a little room from the waist to the knees, and gently spreads out from the knees.

By changing the colors of the buttons, zippers, stitching, and pocket specifications, we have created denim pants with a clean, trousers-like look .

A piece packed with attention to detail that dispels the image that denim = casual. Recommended for those who don't like casual items and have avoided denim in the past.

manipuri for AMARC
reversible stole

manipuri for AMARC Reversible stole 28,600 yen [Okusa height: 161.8cm]
manipuri for AMARC reversible stole 28,600 yen

Manipuri, a Japanese brand popular for its vintage-style scarves, has released its first large-sized stole made from hand-printed silk and wool fabrics. The combination of botanical and plaid patterns based on chic gray is exclusive to AMARC .

Sometimes elegant, sometimes masculine. The best part about this stole is that you can easily change the atmosphere you wear to suit your style and mood that day. By combining the flower-patterned silk fabric dynamically expressed through hand-printing, which is the true essence of Manipuri, with a 100% wool glen plaid pattern that intentionally shifts the texture and mood, when rolled up. Adds depth to the expression.

Chaos for AMARC
logo t-shirt
& organdy bag

Chaos for AMARC logo T-shirt & organdy bag 13,200 yen [Okusa height: 161.8cm]
Chaos for AMARC logo T-shirt & organdy bag 13,200 yen

" Chaos " proposes clothing for free and independent "GENTLE WOMAN". The brand's first logo T-shirt was created based on suggestions from Chaos director Kushibe, including the position and size of the logo, and Okusa also conveyed the image and made many fine adjustments.

The graphic logo placed at the bottom left is visible even when worn with high-waisted bottoms or a jacket, giving it a modern and urban look.

There are plenty of details to make it look good on adult women, such as changing the length of the sleeves and the back. The material has an elegant look with a glossy texture and is soft and moist to the touch . It's a comfort that you won't be able to let go of once you get to know it.

The organdy tote bag made with the T-shirt is designed to be carried even for short outings. The chocolate brown color can be used for both sweet and spicy tastes, so it can be matched with any occasion or taste. The Chaos logo embroidered with sand beige thread is also an accent.


TURTLE STORY for AMARC hair clip 9,900 yen
TURTLE STORY for AMARC hair clip 9,900 yen

Hair Jaw M ” is a hair clip from “ TURTLE STORY ” that Okusa fell in love with for its design and ease of use. The shape remains the same, but the popular colors have been added.

The color that will be sold for a limited time this time is a popular color that is already sold out at THE HAIR BAR TOKYO, a hair item select shop that handles Turtle Story. The balance between deep brown and gold beige is exquisite, and it won't be too familiar with black or brown hair, which is common among Japanese people, and will be the perfect accent. The brand's signature gold turtle mark adds a luxurious feel, making it look more fashionable than just wearing it because you want to tie your hair up.

Another reason why Okusa loves using it is its ease of use . Not only is the grip easy to grasp, but it also holds the hair properly .

The material is high-quality cellulose acetate, which is a non-petroleum-based and vegan material . This is the result of professionals who are highly conscious of practicality, fashion, and consideration for the environment.

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