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[Reservation sale] Turtleneck cut-and-sew <Black>

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to support coordination,
Turtle cut and sew like a partner

The turtleneck cut and sew, which has been well received every year, has been decided to be released again this year. Not only the design and materials, but also the same black and light gray colors as last year are available.

The material is smooth milling fabric so as not to look unfashionable. In addition, we have paid attention to the moderate sheerness that even adult women can wear without resistance. In order to maintain the translucency down to the smallest detail, the edges of the fabric are not woven, but mellowed (processed with a sewing machine).

Of course, washing at home is also OK. You can wear it alone, or wear it under a dress, shirt, or jacket to enjoy a new look in your wardrobe. A turtleneck like a partner that supports your daily fashion in various ways.

Click here for light gray in different colors

Hello everyone, this is Naoko Okusa. The hot days are continuing, but how are you? Summer was long this year. I'd like to make it a little more relaxed pace for autumn.

Well, the 100% wool turtle cut and sew, which I don't know how many times it will be resold, has been decided to be sold again due to many requests. This is a super masterpiece that I wear five days a week. Thin and warm, it can be worn alone or worn as a dress, big knit, or under a shirt. Because it is slightly transparent, it has a glossy look and can be worn both during the day and at night. A pattern that makes the shoulders, arms and neck look slender, and can be washed at home! Black is the color that accentuates the face and makes the impression of the person stand out. Gray blends with various colors and softens and emulsifies. I'm very convinced that there are many people who say, "It's already the third one." For those of you who have been wanting it for a long time, I want you to wear it as soon as possible (laughs).

It's already autumn on the calendar. Start the new season with new items.


Color black
country of origin Japan
material 100% wool
washing indication Machine washable *Please check the product for details on washing instructions.

Length (from center back) 59
shoulder width 36.5
Width 39
hem width 38
Sleeve Length 59
sleeve width 30
cuff width 15
collar height 20
Collar opening 14.5

(Unit: cm)

*The size of the torso is height 164 cm, bust 82 cm, waist 60 cm, hips 85 cm.

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[Reservation sale] Turtleneck cut-and-sew &amp;lt;Black&amp;gt;
[Reservation sale] Turtleneck cut-and-sew &amp;lt;Black&amp;gt;
[Reservation sale] Turtleneck cut-and-sew &amp;lt;Black&amp;gt;
[Reservation sale] Turtleneck cut-and-sew &amp;lt;Black&amp;gt;
[Reservation sale] Turtleneck cut-and-sew &amp;lt;Black&amp;gt;
[Reservation sale] Turtleneck cut-and-sew &amp;lt;Black&amp;gt;
[Reservation sale] Turtleneck cut-and-sew &amp;lt;Black&amp;gt;
[Reservation sale] Turtleneck cut-and-sew &amp;lt;Black&amp;gt;