Amark Life Store


Let's go a little further, let's change a little.

For example, it could be a “skin oil” that makes you like me today more than you were yesterday,

There are magazines that act like lighthouses that illuminate the fashion of the future.

A positive mind movement and the action of "finding", "buying" and "using"

I want to be a store that connects straight.

Not just fashion, but skin care and supplements.

I, Naoko Okusa, put my heart and soul into everything from proposals to development, hoping to realize one by one the things that I have been thinking about for many years.

The mood of the mind and body is stable, and it feels comfortable to be yourself.

And we will continue to carefully and carefully create such products that will make you look forward to tomorrow morning.

Please stop by when you feel like moving forward or changing a bit.

We are waiting for you with items that can only be obtained at this store.

Naoko Okusa


Naoko Okusa, fashion editor and stylist

Born in 1972 in Tokyo.

After graduating from university, joined the current Hearst Fujingaho. Became independent after being involved in the editing of the magazine "Ventaine". Currently, while doing editorial and styling mainly for fashion magazines, newspapers, and catalogs, he is also energetically working on appearances and writing at talk events. His recent book, "The Courage to Get Tired" (Kodansha).

In 2019, we launched the media “AMARC” to make “my own” more fun and easier. We deliver recipes for fashion, beauty, and a way of life every day.

In 2021, “AMARC magazine” will be published.