Let's go a little further, let's change a little.

For instance, it could be a "skin oil" that makes you love yourself more than yesterday, or a magazine that is like a lighthouse that illuminating the future of the fashion.

We want to be a store that connects the positive movement of the mind with the actions of "finding," "buying," and "using," in a straightforward manner.

Not only fashion, but skin care and supplements.
I, Naoko Ohkusa, have been making proposals, developing products, and putting my heart and soul into everything I do, with the hope of realizing the "things I wish I had" that I have been thinking about for many years, little by little.

I hope that you will feel comfortable being yourself, and look forward to tomorrow morning. I will continue carefully and carefully to create such products.

Please stop by when you thought to move forward or change a little.
We are waiting for you with products only available at this store.

Naoko Ohkusa


Limited quantity only

waffle haramaki for AMARC

Belly Warmer Pants

Leg Warmers

Fluffy soufflé fabric for
“"cold-free" clothing

Good morning, Good night
Treating myself from
everyday's hard work

Subscription service starts from
Oct. 13th 12:00 PM (JST)

Live Love Laugh
NMN 15000

Smile a lot
love with all your heart
live my life.

All you need is a healthy and relaxed body and mind to support it.


AMARC Original

fluid shirt

Simplicity matures
"Wearing a color"

AMARC magazine

Strong and beautiful "photographs" with soul and "words" that will last for 100 years――
What is AMARC's thought on beauty?




Fashion Editor/ Stylist
Naoko Okusa

Born in Tokyo, 1972.
After graduating from university, joined Hearst Fujingaho Co., Ltd.. After working as an editor for "Vingtaine" magazine, she became independent.

Currently, she is engaged in editorial and styling work for fashion magazines, newspapers, and catalogs, while also appearing at talk events and writing.
Her latest book is "Akiru Yuuki" (Kodansha).

In 2019, she launched the media "AMARC" to make "my style" more fun and easier. She delivers daily recipes for fashion, beauty, and ways of life.

In 2021, launched AMARC magazine.





Q. How long does it take from ordering to shipping?

A. We usually ship within 1-3 business days, but if the order is busy, it will be shipped within 1-7 business days. For reserved products, please check the display for each product.

Q. Do you charge for shipping?

A. The shipping fee is 550 yen (including tax) nationwide.

Q. Which shipping company are you using?

A. We ship within Japan via Yamato Transport and overseas via EMS (Express Mail Service).

Q. Can I cancel or change my order?

A. Orders can be canceled within 60 minutes after the order is completed.

If you wish to change the contents of your order, please cancel your order and repurchase it with the correct item(s).

You can cancel your order by clicking on the URL provided in the order completion e-mail.
If you are a member, you can also cancel your order from your purchase history on My Page.

Q. What should I do if I receive a defective product or one that is different from what I ordered?

A. We take all possible measures to ensure the delivery of the product, but in the unlikely event that the product arrives damaged or damaged, or if it is different from what you ordered, please fill out this form within one week of arrival. Contact Please.
We will promptly exchange the product.

If we cannot arrange a replacement, we will refund the price.

Please note that even in this case, we may not be able to accept exchanges for the following products.

・Merchandise that has been overdue for one week since arrival
・Products that have been used
・Merchandise with detached product tags/labels or missing accessories
・Products that have been stained, soiled, or scratched by the customer
・Products whose condition at the time of return is significantly different from that at the time of delivery (including the box and accessories)
・Products marked as "not eligible for return or exchange


Q. Can I return or exchange a product if it is not* what I imagined?

A. We do not accept returns or exchanges for customer convenience.

Q. About other inquiries

A. Please refer to the Q&A page for frequently asked questions.

Q. About your comments and requests/questions about our products

A. Please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form.