Summary of AMARC LIFE STORE Shopping Terms of Use

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Disclaimer: This summary is not part of the Terms of Use and is not a legal document. It is intended as a reference to help our customer understand the contents of the Terms of Use.

1 AMARC LIFE STORE (this service)

"AMARC LIFE STORE" is a service for the sale of various products and other related services. Please refer to the AMARC LIFE STORE Membership Terms of Use for information on members-only services (delivery of e-mail magazines, simplified product purchase procedures, viewing of product purchase history, etc.).

2 Usage Fees

This service is basically free of charge.
Purchase of products requires an additional fee as indicated on each page..

3 Use of the Service, Membership Registration

This service can be used without membership registration.
However, in order to use the limited services for members, you must agree to the AMARC LIFE STORE Membership Terms of Use and register as a member.
Minors must obtain the consent of their legal representative to register and use the service.

4 Revision of Terms of Use

The Company may revise the Terms of Use in accordance with laws and regulations.

5 Changes to the Service and Disclaimer of Warranty

The Company reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Service or to change its content.
The Company does not guarantee that the Service will meet the expectations of members or that it will be useful or accurate.
Please refer to Article 10 of the Shopping Terms of Service for the Company's liability for damages.

6 Attribution of Rights

All rights to the content and other rights related to the Service are reserved by the Company or by those who have licensed their rights to the Company.

7 Handling of Personal Data

Members' personal information and personal data will be handled in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law and other laws and regulations as well as our Privacy Policy.

8 Purchase of Products at AMARC LIFE STORE/Returns and Exchanges

Items can be purchased through the AMARC LIFE STORE website.
Products may be returned or exchanged only if they meet the conditions specified by the Company (e.g., if the quality of the product does not conform to the contents of the item page, or if a different type or number of products from those ordered arrive, and the Company's specified procedures are followed by customer).
For details, please refer to Chapter 2 of the Shopping Terms of Use.