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AMARC magazine issue.01

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First issue of AMARC magazine

Until now, AMARC has been mainly disseminating content on the web, but we wanted to disseminate the world view and values ​​that can be conveyed only on "paper", so we took on the challenge of launching a paper magazine.

The message conveyed in the magazine will definitely reach the "reader" deeply and stay for a long time. What I want to convey in AMARC magazine is not a quick Q&A, but a "deep realization." It doesn't have to be an awareness that can be put into words right away. It may take us two years to find out. However, I hope that everyone will also have the opportunity to notice and think about the answers that are not the answers that will be given tomorrow.

This magazine is a challenge, a hope, and a signpost. We will deliver strong and beautiful “photos” with soul and “words” that will remain for 100 years.

Wear colors
"Clean and sexy" dress code

・Jewelry and makeup a beautiful correlation

・10 masterpieces, 10 stories

・"Continued Kanazawa" Guide - Traveler Yoko Koizumi

・Adult women want to master -- beauty details



<Purchase privilege>
We will include a limited number of postcards printed with the cover of AMARC magazine issue.01 or issue.02.
*The type of postcard will be random and cannot be selected. Please note.
*The number of postcards is limited. If the planned number is reached, this benefit will end. note that.

format A4 variant
number of pages 128 pages
size Length 29 x Width 23 x Thickness 1.3 (unit: cm)
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AMARC magazine issue.01