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A collaboration project between AMARC, " upper heights " and " RED CARD TOKYO ". The second installment of the “Actress Series” has been completed, using the images of famous actresses of all time as the design source!

The second one is a collaboration with upper hights. We deliver denim with a sweetness and a little spiciness, inspired by Brigitte Bardot.

In addition, the "HAUNT" shirt, which receives many inquiries every time Okusa wears it, is being reprinted exclusively at AMARC!

Pre-orders for both will start from September 29th (Friday) . Do not miss it!



A very popular shirt at HAUNT
Reprinted exclusively at AMARC!

SILKY LOOSE SHIRT ”, which appeared in “ HAUNT” in 2022SS and has been worn by Okusa many times, will be reprinted exclusively at AMARC!

This shirt received inquiries every time Okusa wore it on Instagram. We have delivered the customer's desire to purchase to the HAUNT representative, and we have decided to resell it exclusively at AMARC.

The charm of this shirt is that it has many faces .

The classic menswear-style straight silhouette, buttons that close all the way to the top, and the yoke at the back give the shirt its tough role . The oversized and deep slits give it a loose and rough feel.

Materials give the design even more depth. Although it is made of 100% cotton, it has a soft and smooth texture that feels like silk, and a subtle luster . This material gives it a feminine and gorgeous atmosphere .

The fact that it has so many expressions means that you can match it with items of various tastes and enjoy wearing it in many ways.

Not only can you wear it cleanly by buttoning the buttons all the way to the top, but you can also enjoy wearing it with the neckline a little off as it is oversized. You can also wear it as a haori or wrap it loosely like a stole, making it both structured and loose . You can change the look by matching it with bottoms , from men's-like slacks to denim, wide pants, and skirts. The color is a refreshing blue, which is often used for men's shirts, so depending on your coordination, you can wear it even in the office.

A shirt that has a good balance of both seriousness and roughness will show you the range of styles and the fun of wearing it.

<Sales price>
20,900 yen (tax included)


cotton 100%

<Washing instructions>
Machine washable *Please check the product for details on washing instructions

free size

Size (unit: cm) free size
Length 78
shoulder width 60
bust 132
Hem width 132
Sleeve length 82
Sleeve Length 52
Sleeve width 52.6
cuff 21
[upper heights for AMARC

The long-awaited second installment of the actress series is here!

This project is a collaboration between AMARC, "upper hights" and "RED CARD TOKYO" to deliver the "Actress Series" , which uses the images of famous actresses of all time as design sources.

The second edition is a collaboration with upper heights . Introducing THE BARDOT, inspired by Brigitte Bardot .

This time, the song is based on " THE WOMAN, " which is very popular among upper hights. Okusa is also a model that I use so much that I sometimes wear them several times a week.

✔︎Special point: THE WOMAN, which is characterized by its rounded feminine silhouette, has been made a little more casual by the distressed finish around the front pockets . The key is not to do a lot of damage, but to do it small and in a few places . If the damage is large, the impression of hardness will become stronger and the occasions in which it can be worn will be limited. By adding it casually, we have created a design that maintains the sweet atmosphere of THE WOMAN, but with a slightly spicy flavor , making it easy for even adults to wear.

Brigitte Bardot gives the impression of sweet fashion and makeup , such as checkered miniskirts, fluffy skirts, and hair arrangements using pompadours and ribbons. However, it also features zesty accents , such as leather items and cool eyewear. This piece was created with the image of Bardot in mind.

High rise and loose tapered model . A wide silhouette with a gentle curve from the hip to the hem , also known as the " balloon leg ." This highly sensitive silhouette covers all of the common lower body concerns of women, including the stomach, waist, thighs, and calves.

The length is set to be a little short enough to show your ankles , making it easy to match with any type of shoes. You can see your ankles = you can see the thinnest part of your lower body, which will further enhance your style and make your legs look longer .

✔︎ “DAMAGED FLOW” looks like old denim with a slightly faded color. Since it is made of non-stretch material , it has a more authentic denim look. In addition, because it does not use brown cotton (a naturally colored cotton often used in denim to create a vintage look), it has a clear and transparent finish .

THE WOMAN's wide silhouette goes well with compact tops such as short tops that are currently in fashion. The gently rounded silhouette is recommended for sweet lovers.

This time, THE WOMAN has been specially ordered by AMARC and has been given a distressed finish, so it is recommended for occasions when you want to break up neat items such as jackets and shirts, or when you want to add a little spiciness to sweet tops. One piece that you can enjoy with various coordinations has been completed.

*Naoko Okusa's height is 161.8cm. Most of the denim at Upper Hights is a size 24, and this time I am also wearing a size 24.

*Uneven dyeing, thread breaks, fabric cuts, etc. on the product are characteristics of the product. Please note.

<Sales price>
28,600 yen (tax included)


cotton 100%

<Washing instructions>
Machine washable *Please check the product for details on washing instructions

Available in 7 sizes from 21 to 27

Size (unit: cm) 21 22 23 24 25 26 27
waist 63.0 65.5 68.0 70.5 73.0 75.5 78.0
hip 91.5 94.0 96.5 99.0 101.5 104.0 106.5
Inseam (edge ​​of hem) 62.0 62.0 62.0 64.0 64.0 64.0 66.0
Crossbody (half body) 30.3 31.0 31.7 32.4 33.1 33.8 34.5
Heath width (half body) 23.0 23.5 24.0 24.5 25.0 25.5 26.0
Rise 29.0 29.5 30.0 30.5 31.0 31.5 32.0

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September 29th (Friday) noon to October 15th (Sunday) 11:59 AM

*This is a limited quantity order sale. If the planned number is reached, sales may be discontinued.

<Delivery time>
Early March 2024 (planned)

*Both upper hights for AMARC "THE BARDOT" and HAUNT for AMARC SILKY LOOSE SHIRT will have the ordering period and delivery time listed above.


*All prices listed on this page include tax.
*As this is a limited quantity order sale, we do not accept cancellations or returns after purchase unless the item is defective.