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[Order sales] upper hights for AMARC “THE BARDOT”

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The long-awaited Actress Series
The second installment is now available!

This project is a collaboration between AMARC, "upper hights" and "RED CARD TOKYO" to deliver the "Actress Series", which uses the images of famous actresses from the past as design sources.

The second edition is a collaboration with upper hights. Introducing THE BARDOT, inspired by Brigitte Bardot.

This time, the song is based on "THE WOMAN", which is very popular among upper hights. Okusa is also a model that I use so much that I sometimes wear them several times a week.

<Special order points>
THE WOMAN, which is characterized by its rounded feminine silhouette, has been given a slightly more casual look by the distressed finish around the front pockets. The key is not to do a lot of damage, but to do it small and in a few places. If the damage is large, the impression of hardness will become stronger and the occasions in which it can be worn will be limited. By adding it casually, we have created a design that maintains the sweet atmosphere of THE WOMAN, but with a slightly spicy flavor, making it easy for even adults to wear.

Brigitte Bardot gives the impression of sweet fashion and makeup, such as plaid miniskirts, fluffy skirts, and hair arrangements using pompadours and ribbons. However, it also features zesty accents, such as leather items and cool eyewear. This piece was created with the image of Bardot in mind.

High rise and loose tapered model. A wide silhouette with a gentle curve from the hip to the hem, also known as the "balloon leg." This highly sensitive silhouette covers all of the common lower body concerns of women, including the stomach, waist, thighs, and calves.

The length is set to be a little short enough to show your ankles, making it easy to match with any type of shoes. You can see your ankles = you can see the thinnest part of your lower body, which will further enhance your style and make your legs look longer.

“DAMAGED FLOW” looks like slightly faded old denim. Since it is made of non-stretch material, it has a more authentic denim look. In addition, because it does not use brown cotton (a naturally colored cotton often used in denim to create a vintage look), it has a clear and transparent finish.

THE WOMAN's wide silhouette goes well with compact tops such as short tops that are currently in fashion. The gently rounded silhouette is recommended for sweet lovers.

This time, THE WOMAN has been specially ordered by AMARC and has been given a distressed finish, so it is recommended for occasions when you want to break up neat items such as jackets and shirts, or when you want to add a little spiciness to sweet tops. One piece that you can enjoy with various coordinations has been completed.


●Precautions for use: -Please be careful when wearing with white items as the color may easily transfer due to friction etc. -Please check the product tag for precautions regarding discoloration and washing.


upper heights

A Japanese brand that focuses on denim. The brand name is a combination of "upper" meaning "upper" and "hights" meaning "high place", and the theme is SIMPLE & STYLISH. . Upper Heights items are created with attention to detail, from fabrics to fit and design, to create a simple yet stylish atmosphere. We value the surprise that resides in such items. Based on a new interpretation of denim, which has been used as workwear for over 100 years, we pursue sophisticated (SHOPHISTICATED) and smart (SMART) everyday wear.


Hello everyone, my name is Naoko Ohkusa. I have been using HAUNT and upper heights since the brand was born.We had two masterpieces revived & arranged for AMARC.

First up is HAUNT's blue shirt. The high-quality, densely woven cotton is lightweight and supple, and can be worn alone or as a cover-up. Because it is a transparent blue, it reflects your face beautifully. I like to wear it with the sleeves rolled up and three buttons left open. I wore it so much that I thought I'd buy another one of the same one! The reply was that there would be no resale. In that case, I made it.

The denim is a recent model, but a minor change from THE WOMAN, which I love. I left the base as is and added some damage. It's sometimes difficult to deal with major damage such as showing through the skin or catching it, but since this is just a "slight" amount, it creates a relaxed and casual feel, and goes great with a clean jacket or shirt. It's tapered with room for thighs and has a moderately high waist, so you can get a modern balance just by wearing it.

Actually, I brought both of them with me on my recent business trip to Italy (lol). When I went to breakfast in this style, the madam of a boutique hotel who was over 80 complimented me and called me "Bella." Looks great even when worn as a set. Of course, you can also match it with items you already have! Please check it out♡


country of origin Japan
material cotton 100%
washing instructions

Machine washable

*Please check the product tag for washing instructions


waist hip Inseam Crossbody
(half body)
Knee width
(half body)
Hem width
(half body)
21 63.0 91.5 62.0 30.3 23.0 14.0 29.0
22 65.5 94.0 62.0 31.0 23.5 14.5 29.5
23 68.0 96.5 62.0 31.7 24.0 15.0 30.0
24 70.5 99.0 64.0 32.4 24.5 15.5 30.5
25 73.0 101.5 64.0 33.1 25.0 16.0 31.0
26 75.5 104.0 64.0 33.8 25.5 16.5 31.5
27 78.0 106.5 66.0 34.5 26.0 17.0 32.0

(Unit: cm)

*Torso size is waist 60cm, hip 85cm, and I am wearing a size 24.

*Naoko Okusa Height: 161.8cm, wears size 24 denim.

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[Order sales] upper hights for AMARC “THE BARDOT”
[Order sales] upper hights for AMARC “THE BARDOT”
[Order sales] upper hights for AMARC “THE BARDOT”
[Order sales] upper hights for AMARC “THE BARDOT”
[Order sales] upper hights for AMARC “THE BARDOT”
[Order sales] upper hights for AMARC “THE BARDOT”
[Order sales] upper hights for AMARC “THE BARDOT”
[Order sales] upper hights for AMARC “THE BARDOT”
[Order sales] upper hights for AMARC “THE BARDOT”
[Order sales] upper hights for AMARC “THE BARDOT”