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turtleneck cut and sew

AMARC's original turtleneck cut and sew is popular every year. This year, we have decided to release two colors, black and light gray. Even if you haven't purchased it yet, you'll want the second and third copies! Don't miss out!

We will also resell the " AMARC Original Jacquard Gathered Skirt " in black and beige in limited quantities. You can enjoy coordinating it with a turtleneck cut and sew, so if you are interested, please check it out as soon as possible.



Supports coordination,
Turtle cut and sew like a buddy

The turtleneck cut and sew, which has been popular every year, will be released again this year. In addition to the design and materials, we also have the same colors as last year, black and light gray.

The material is a smooth milled fabric so that it doesn't look unfashionable. We also focused on creating just the right amount of sheerness that even adult women can wear without hesitation. In order to maintain that translucence in every detail, the edges of the fabric are not woven in, but instead given a mellow finish (the edges of the fabric are processed using a sewing machine). Of course, you can also wash it at home. Not only can you wear it alone, but you can also enjoy a new look with your wardrobe by wearing it under a dress, shirt, or jacket. This turtleneck is like a companion that supports your daily fashion in a variety of ways.

Light gray is more transparent than black. Wearing a camisole with thin straps underneath will give you a feminine look, while wearing a tank top will give you a sporty look.

100% wool

・Black/Light gray

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Can be washed in a washing machine *Please check the product tag for details


Size (unit: cm) free size
Length 59
shoulder width 36.5
Width 39
Hem width 38
Sleeve Length 59
Sleeve width 30
Cuff width 15
Collar height 20
Collar opening 14.5

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