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[Pre-order] TOQUE for AMARC Alpaca Silk Oversized Knit

Pre-orders start at noon on Thursday, April 25th

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<Pre-order start date and time>
April 25th (Thursday) at 12:00PM (JST)

*This is a limited quantity pre-order sale. Sales may end when the planned number is reached.

An oversized knitwear that lets you enjoy high-quality natural materials

TOQUE uses alpaca as its main material, and strives to create comfortable clothing that is pleasing to the skin and relaxes the mind and body. In collaboration with TOQUE, an oversized knitwear has been completed!

This time, the popular "Alpaca Silk High Gauge Oversized Knit" from TOQUE's in-line collection has been modified to suit AMARC. The body is made with more fabric than the in-line version, for a more relaxed design. The color was also specially ordered for AMARC in black.

The material is baby alpaca and washable silk, which TOQUE is particular about. Baby alpaca (the first wool harvested after birth) from Peru is knitted together with silk to create a soft luster. In order to bring out the unique texture of alpaca, it is left to dry naturally for a long time, which gives it a fluffy, premium feel.

This material is particularly sweet and soft among the TOQUE items, and is finished with meticulous care and effort when washing, inspecting, and finishing. Furthermore, when sewing, artisans use a hand iron to smooth out the edges of the fabric, adding an extra step to ensure a beautiful finish. It is truly the result of the artisan's skill.

You can wear it casually with denim, or with a camisole dress or loose linen pants for a mature casual look. It's sheer, the material breathes, and you can hand wash it at home, so it's a knit you can enjoy to the fullest even in the summer.

●Precautions for use: Since the material is soft, please avoid friction as much as possible and be careful not to snag it on anything.


"TOQUE" means "touch" in Spanish. They pursue comfort that pleases the skin and relaxes the mind and body. They offer simple tops and dresses that are not affected by trends, and use only carefully selected natural fibers. All processes, including spinning, knitting, dyeing, and sewing, are carried out in domestic factories. They are also particular about being able to easily hand wash their products at home, and create products that provide a sense of excitement and comfort when worn daily, for a long time.

Color black
country of origin Japan
material Washable Silk 62%
Baby Alpaca 38%
Washing instructions Hand washable *Please check the washing instructions for details.

Length 65
shoulder width 85
Chest width 80
Hem Circumference 85
Sleeve Length 37
Cuff Circumference 16

(Unit: cm)

* The torso measurements are bust 82cm, waist 60.5cm, and hips 87cm.

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[Pre-order] TOQUE for AMARC Alpaca Silk Oversized Knit
[Pre-order] TOQUE for AMARC Alpaca Silk Oversized Knit
[Pre-order] TOQUE for AMARC Alpaca Silk Oversized Knit
[Pre-order] TOQUE for AMARC Alpaca Silk Oversized Knit
[Pre-order] TOQUE for AMARC Alpaca Silk Oversized Knit
[Pre-order] TOQUE for AMARC Alpaca Silk Oversized Knit
[Pre-order] TOQUE for AMARC Alpaca Silk Oversized Knit
[Pre-order] TOQUE for AMARC Alpaca Silk Oversized Knit