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[End of order] Armor-lux for AMARC Border cut and sew

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For more than 70 years, Armouryx has been an icon of Breton shirts loved by Parisiennes, who cherish good old things. What I made with such a historical brand is a piece that can be reinterpreted as "I really like it". This is a confident product that even those who have been away from borders should try it.

The calculated pitch width, the comfort of organic cotton, and the airy silhouette. This is the one that has been updated to become a new standard for adults while maintaining the charm of the supple and intelligent Basque shirt of "Armorlux".

The base is size 3 (S size) of Breton shirt FT long sleeve [Basic Fit], which is called a timeless masterpiece. By widening the collar and making the front collar slightly deeper, the collarbone is casually exposed. The length is slightly shorter, so you can see the waist area neatly.

In addition, it has side slits, so when the hem is out, the hem will come out, and the front will be neatly tucked in. Ease of arrangement has been greatly improved.

With the help of the rich color scheme of dark blue and white, which is almost black, the striped cut-and-sew with a slight color and fragrance is well suited for adults who want to dress casually and beautifully.


Established in 1938, Armo Luxe uses only fair-trade organic cotton with high transparency, and the fabric is knitted, dyed, and sewn by in-house skilled workers. Due to its high quality, we also handle uniforms for French national companies and public companies such as the navy, post office, and railways. It becomes one of the most imminent brands for the French people now, and the fan who uses it habitually in three generations continues.

Hello everyone, this is Naoko Okusa. It's hot, isn't it ~. Is the end of the rainy season near? When summer comes, am I the only one who thinks about the end of the year? Now! I believe that many people have picked up "AMARC magazine Issue.03". If you haven't yet, please do so soon ♡

In the magazine, we have released 8 items introduced in the "8 stories that connect creators and you" (a good title ♡), a project that can be said to be a "buyable AMARC"! All are originals created by us AMARC and creators.

For example, the border cut and sew from the French brand “Armor-lux”, which I love very much. The organic cotton is used, and the hem is slit so that adults can easily wear it, and the neckline is slightly open to the side for a glossy look.

Not only reading magazines, but also the joy of buying, the joy of wearing, and the excitement of styling. Please, experience it!

On YouTube "AMARC CHANNEL", a behind-the-scenes video of the production of the magazine "AMARC magazine issue.03" that publishes this product is now available! Please take a look. >> Click here

Color White x Rich navy
country of origin France
material 100% organic cotton
washing indication Machine washable *Please check the product for details on washing instructions.

Length 56.5
shoulder width 44.5
bust 100
sleeve length 78
Sleeve Length 56
sleeve width 18.4
cuff width 11.2

(Unit: cm)

*The size of the torso is bust 82cm, waist 60.5cm, hip 87cm.

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[End of order] Armor-lux for AMARC Border cut and sew
[End of order] Armor-lux for AMARC Border cut and sew
[End of order] Armor-lux for AMARC Border cut and sew
[End of order] Armor-lux for AMARC Border cut and sew
[End of order] Armor-lux for AMARC Border cut and sew
[End of order] Armor-lux for AMARC Border cut and sew
[End of order] Armor-lux for AMARC Border cut and sew
[End of order] Armor-lux for AMARC Border cut and sew
[End of order] Armor-lux for AMARC Border cut and sew