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Release starts on Friday, February 2nd!
side slit pullover

The “ STATE OF MIND for AMARC Side Slit Pullover ” was sold at AMARC LIFE STORE last summer and received great acclaim. After receiving many requests, we have decided to resell it from February 2nd (Friday) !

STATE OF MIND is a brand developed by Guestlist Co., Ltd., which handles the denim brands RED CARD TOKYO and upper hights. This is an AMARC custom color of the sweatshirt that was a big hit with STATE OF MIND in 2021FW and is also loved by Okusa.

This time, the item will be delivered immediately after purchase. You can layer it with an inner layer when it's still cold now, and wear it alone in spring, so you can enjoy bridging the seasons.

Due to limited quantities, the offer will end as soon as stock runs out. If you are interested, please buy it as soon as possible!



I like casual clothes more.
Hybrid sweatshirts that suit adults only

A collaboration with the brand " STATE OF MIND" developed by Guest List Co., Ltd., which handles the denim brands "RED CARD TOKYO" and "upper hights" has been realized!

We will deliver the AMARC custom color of the sweatshirt that was a big hit with STATE OF MIND in 2021FW and is also loved by Okusa.

The material is " cardboard material ", which STATE OF MIND is particular about. This fabric is made by joining the outer fabric and the lining fabric, and is characterized by its soft firmness . One of the reasons I recommend it is that it creates a plump silhouette and doesn't pick up your body lines. Furthermore, the cardboard material used in STATE OF MIND has a densely woven outer fabric, giving it a smooth appearance . It also has a glossy feel , giving it a rich impression.

It has a loose silhouette, but the slits on the sides give it a relaxed feel, and you don't have to worry about feeling unfashionable when wearing sweatshirts. Also, by placing eyelets at the top of the slit, it adds a touch of fashion. A true hybrid sweatshirt that has a variety of atmospheres such as casual, luxury, mode... It will fit into any wardrobe style.

I ordered the color `` Heather Gray '' as a special order from AMARC. Due to the characteristics of the material, it has a more luxurious feel than a regular heather gray sweatshirt. This is a must-try item for those who want to try wearing sweatshirts but have trouble wearing casual items.

Heather gray

80% polyester, 15% rayon, 5% polyurethane

<Washing instructions>
Machine washable *Please check the product for details on washing instructions

Available in 2 sizes:

Size (unit: cm) S M
Length 61 63
shoulder width 66 67
Width 55.5 57
Hem width 48.5 50
Sleeve length 81.5 83
Sleeve Length 48.5 49.5
Sleeve width 23 23.5
cuff 10 10.5

(State of Mind)

A brand started in 2018 by Guestlist Co., Ltd., which develops denim brands "RED CARD TOKYO" and "upper hights." The brand name, ``state of mind,'' refers to ``clothes that are the closest companion to women who go through their busy daily lives.Clothes that give you confidence and make you feel calm when you wear them.'' This is the idea that is put into it. In addition to pursuing a design with a beautiful silhouette that makes you feel good and smiles when you wear it, we also create products that are close to our lifestyles by being washable at home, wrinkle-resistant, high-quality materials, and simple care materials that don't make you feel stressed. We are also particular about the use of materials.

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13,200 yen (tax included)

<Release date>
Friday, February 2nd from noon

<Delivery time>
After purchase, we will promptly deliver it to you.

*Limited quantity available. Sales will end as soon as stock runs out. Please note.

Naoko Okusa Height: 161.8cm
Wearing size: M
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