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Cygne for AMARC point knit pullover

Collaboration items with " Cygne ", which has "just the right mode" items that adults can easily incorporate, have been completed! The brand's masterpiece " Point Knit Pullover " was made from different materials as an AMARC original.

Pre-orders will start from January 1st (Monday) . Don't miss out on this knit that blends into your everyday wardrobe while adding a sense of speed to your outfits!


Cygne for AMARC point knit pullover ¥31,900/AMARC LIFE STORE
Cygne for AMARC point knit pullover ¥31,900/AMARC LIFE STORE
Cygne for AMARC point knit pullover ¥31,900/AMARC LIFE STORE

“Cygne” knitwear is also a favorite of Okusa.
Introducing an AMARC original with a different material!

A collaboration item with Cygne, a brand managed by director TOMO , whose sense Okusa fell in love with, has been completed! Cygne is conscious and has gorgeous details, but it also goes well with simple items, and has a fashionable feel that is easy to incorporate even for adults. Okusa also has a wide variety of items including knits, jackets, and denim.

This time AMARC will deliver Cygne's masterpiece " Point Knit Pullover ". Okusa herself loves this knit, so much so that she owns it in two colors, but the brand's version is made from wool. I want to enjoy this design in spring and summer too! With this in mind, we specially made it using different materials .

The material I chose is an acetate blend with a dry touch . Acetate has good breathability and can be expected to have deodorizing effects . What's more, it has an elegant, silk-like luster . This time, by combining it with nylon, we made it stretchy and made it more comfortable to wear.

One of the reasons why Okusa loves point knit pullovers is that they have a good mix of boyish and feminine details . T-shirt-like elements such as a tight collar and narrow sleeves make the puffy sleeves stand out. This time, by choosing materials with a dry touch, we have added an even more casual feel, creating a design that is easy to add to your everyday wardrobe and has a moderately fashionable feel.

The one that unfolds inline has shoulder pads, but this time I removed the shoulder pads. The firm material expresses conscious details, so you can enjoy the natural look created by the material.

The size range is " S " which is the same as the regular Cygne size range, and " M " is available so that more people can enjoy it. Because you are an adult, it is important to incorporate fashion and bring a sense of speed to your coordination. If you want to try fashionable items, but don't know what to buy, or if you think it doesn't suit you, why not try this knit item? This is a piece that blends in easily with the denim, wide pants, and skirts you always wear, while giving you a fresh new look.


Started in 2020 by director TOMO. With the theme of "adult cuteness", they create high-quality blouses, dresses, jackets, knits, bottoms, and other items with great attention to detail. We hope that many of TOMO's clothes filled with "love" and commitment will be lined up in your closet.

<Sales price>
31,900 yen (tax included)


Acetate 77%
Nylon 23%

<Washing display>
Dry cleaning *Please check the product for details on washing instructions.

2 sizes (S, M)

Size: Unit (cm) S M
Length 45 47
Width 40 43
shoulder width 30 33
Hem width 33 36
Sleeve Length 71 72

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January 1st (Monday) noon to January 12th (Friday) 11:59 AM

*This is a limited quantity order sale. If the planned number is reached, sales may be discontinued.

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Late April 2024 (planned)

Naoko Okusa Height: 161.8cm Wearing size: S
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