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LERET.H for AMARC Sac Carre

Sac Carre of "LERET.H" for AMARC, a bag that sold out in an instant last year. In response to many requests for resale, we will update the size to a larger size and resell it!

Hiroko Suzuki (commonly known as Chako-san) coordinates AMARC's fashion specials, interior specials, and other Paris-related projects. Chako, a stylist and journalist, created the "Sac Carre" bag from "LERET.H" in a custom color and size from AMARC.

In response to Okusa's request to increase the size of the "Sac-Kare", which is also a favorite of Okusa and is useful in a variety of situations, it is one size larger than the "Sac-Kare" that was sold at the AMARC STORE last time. Changed to a larger size.

Reservations will be accepted from noon on Wednesday, May 10th. Anyone can make a reservation, but the number is limited due to fabric inventory. Don't miss this opportunity!


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"LERET.H" for AMARC 16,500 yen (tax included)

From casual to dressed up.
A multi-way bag with a Parisian mood

"LERET.H" started with underwear. When commercializing underwear, we thought from the beginning of the brand that we didn't want to use excessive packaging, so we decided to package the product in a simple cloth bag. The idea was for the cloth bags to be used even after the products were removed. After the prototype cloth bag turned out to be cute, the LERET.H bag was created by arranging the fabric and design.

The fabric is a beautiful velor with a warm and deep color. It is a material that Chako herself has loved for a long time. What's more, it's made of cotton velour, not polyester, so it's soft to the touch. It also comes with a gold ring so you can wear it on your wrist. The gold ring can be worn in multiple ways, such as by purposely not passing it through the handle and showing it off as a decoration, by passing it through the handle to create an accent, or by passing it below the handle to the main body of the bag to create a drawstring style. We also recommend passing it through the gold ring on your wrist and carrying it like a clutch bag. Another nice feature is that there is a snap button on the frontage, making it difficult to see what's inside.

This bag can be enjoyed for any occasion, matching both casual styles such as a shirt and denim, as well as styles for going out such as dresses and tulle skirts.


The person in charge of design and direction is Hiroko Suzuki, a stylist and journalist living in Paris. The source of inspiration is "Parisiennes across generations."

The director, who has lived in France and witnessed the real lifestyle of French women up close, wants to deliver the glamor of Parisienne to customers around the world. From this idea, "LERET.H" was born. Everything from the fabric to the stitching is trusted Japan-made. We use ecological materials that are considerate of the global environment.

Bag body/100% cotton
Handle (ring)/Iron (gold plated)

Black (AMARC custom color)

Height approx. 38.5cm
Bottom width approx. 33cm
Handle approx. 23cm

<Selling price>
16,500 yen (tax included)

<Order period>
May 10th (Wednesday) noon to May 21st (Sunday) 11:59 AM

*Since quantities are limited, reservations will be closed if the planned number is reached.
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<Delivery time>
Delivery will start from the end of August 2023
Naoko Okusa Height: 161.8cm
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