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AMARC magazine issue.03
Limited special set

“AMARC magazine issue.03” will be released on July 6th (Thursday) ! In conjunction with the publication of this third issue, we have prepared two special sets . Advance reservations for the magazine and set will be accepted at AMARC LIFE STORE from noon on Friday, May 19th . Quantities are limited, so don't miss out!

[Special set contents]

Chaos & THREE for AMARC logo T-shirt & coffret + “AMARC magazine issue.03”
Sales price: ¥23,540 (tax included)

TURTLE STORY for AMARC hair clip + “AMARC magazine issue.03”

Sales price: ¥12,100 (tax included)
*Reservations for this set have been closed as the number of reservations has been reached.

*Both prices are set with "AMARC magazine issue.03".
*Anyone can order.

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May 19th (Friday) noon to June 18th (Sunday) 11:59 AM

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From July 6th (Thursday) onwards

*Delivered in conjunction with the release of "AMARC magazine issue.03".


[AMARC magazine issue.03]

The theme of the entire book is ``Beauty.'' What is beauty seen from a macro perspective rather than a micro perspective? What is ``beauty in appearance'' that reflects not only the beauty of the features but also the way of life and way of thinking? --We will explain and propose AMARC's idea of ​​"beauty" from various perspectives and angles. In addition, those who purchase this set will receive a limited edition cover. (The content is the same)



Chaos & THREE

Logo T-shirt & coffret

Fashionable and with makeup.
Enjoy the new “me”

With the publication of "AMARC magazine issue.03", which has a theme of "beauty", Chaos and THREE, which editor-in-chief Ohkusa loves, have been matched! Chaos proposes clothes for free and independent "GENTLE WOMAN". THREE has gained support from people of all generations and genders for their fashionable and speedy makeup. Experience the new value and new charm that can be brought out by combining these two.

The brand's first logo T-shirt from Chaos. From THREE, eye shadow and lipstick (actual item) were selected to match the logo T-shirt. This product, which includes these and "AMARC magazine issue.03", is a limited quantity item that can only be purchased at AMARC LIFE STORE.

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Naoko Okusa Height: 161.8cm
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Easy to use and fashionable.
It's casual with just this one

“Stylish hair” is completed
“Hair Jaw M” is a hair clip from “TURTLE STORY” that Okusa fell in love with for its design and ease of use. The shape remains the same, but the popular colors have been added.

This product, which is a set of hair clips in AMARC limited colors and "AMARC magazine issue.03", can be purchased in limited quantities and only at AMARC LIFE STORE.

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