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back open with cup

A collaboration with " UNDERSON UNDERSON ", which is extremely popular as an innerwear brand, has been realized! This time, we are introducing the brand's masterpiece, the `` Open Back Camisole with Cups ''. Further pursuit of ease of wear and design. We will update and deliver it as an AMARC original.

Sales start from June 23rd (Friday) . Quantities are limited, so don't miss out!



No more worries about wearing innerwear.
A versatile camisole that expands your coordination.

A collaboration with "UNDERSON UNDERSON", which is extremely popular as an innerwear brand, has been realized!

This time, we are introducing the ``Open Back Camisole with Cups,'' which is said to be Anderson's masterpiece. By using rubber all around the underside of the bust, it maintains a beautiful silhouette, while also providing a relaxed feel without wires and a secure hold. A camisole with a cup is somehow uncomfortable to wear...We have updated this image. The deep V-cut at the chest and the wide opening at the back are exquisite, and Okusa also loves it because of its versatility. This is an item that I have often introduced on SNS.

This time, based on the original camisole, we have further pursued ease of wear and design. We will update and deliver it as an AMARC special order.

In order to reduce the slippage of the cup part, the inner cloth covering the cup is made longer. We also changed the width of the elastic at the edge of the fabric to one that is thicker and flat against the skin. In addition, the stitching on the sides prevents the cup from sliding up when worn.

The strap and trimming tape colors are AMARC original colors. Navy is a color scheme with Bordeaux. By choosing the same nuance color for Mocha, we created a design that doesn't make your underwear look visible. In addition, the strap is longer than before, allowing for a wide range of adjustments. We made sure that you can wear any clothes without stress.

The fabric is UNDERSON UNDERSON's patented material ``WASHIFABRIC®'', just like the previous one. Washi paper has functions such as deodorization, UV protection, antibacterial and deodorizing, water absorption and quick drying, so it will keep you dry and comfortable during the upcoming sweaty season. It also has anti-static properties, so it is recommended to wear it under knitwear in winter.

Available in two colors: mocha and navy. If you want it to blend in with your top, choose mocha, or if you want it to stand out, choose navy.

I was wondering what to wear as an inner layer, such as this year's trendy mesh knits, tops and dresses with wide open backs, and before I knew it, time had passed. Do you ever end up giving up on wearing that particular outfit? We hope you will add this camisole to your closet as a companion that will save you time every morning and expand the range of your outfits.

Available in 2 colors:
mocha navy

75% unclassified fiber (Japanese paper), 22% polyester, 3% polyurethane

Tape part:
78% nylon, 22% polyurethane

<Washing instructions>
Machine washable *Please check the product for details on washing instructions

Available in 2 sizes:

Size (unit: cm) S M
Total Length 57 59
Width 32 34
Front length 48 48.5
front hood 23 24
falling forward 13 13.5
Back length 42 42.5
Gotentoba 17.5 18
falling back 13.5 14.5
Under rubber release 30 32
cup length 22 23
Hem width 32 34

*Size regulations differ from UNDERSON UNDERSON's original products. Please check the size chart when purchasing.

(Anderson Anderson)

In partnership with ITOI Life Culture Research Institute, which develops Japanese paper materials, we have created WASHIFABRIC®, a unique new material using Japanese paper. We mainly sell innerwear using this material. In recent years, in addition to outerwear, loungewear, and miscellaneous goods, the company has also been developing original items such as denim that uses Japanese paper for the weft.

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6,930 yen (tax included)

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June 23rd (Friday) from noon

*Since quantities are limited, sales will end when the planned number is reached.

<Delivery time>
Mid-July 2023 (planned)

Naoko Okusa Height: 161.8cm
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