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Chaos logo T-shirt & organza bag

We will be selling a limited quantity of the Chaos logo T-shirt and organdy bag set , which was sold as a special set for ``AMARC magazine issue.03' ' and was very popular.

Sales start at noon on Thursday, July 20th . Don't miss this opportunity!

Chaos for AMARC logo T-shirt & organza bag ¥13,200
Chaos for AMARC logo T-shirt & organza bag ¥13,200
Chaos for AMARC logo T-shirt & organza bag ¥13,200
Chaos for AMARC logo T-shirt & organza bag ¥13,200

Realized at the passionate request of Editor-in-Chief Okusa
Chaos “first” logo T-shirt

Chaos proposes clothes for free and independent "GENTLE WOMAN". The brand's first logo T-shirt was created based on suggestions from Chaos director Kushibe, including the position and size of the logo, and Okusa also conveyed the image and made many fine adjustments.

The graphic logo placed at the bottom left is visible even when worn with high-waisted bottoms or a jacket, giving it a modern and urban look.

The sleeves are long and 5/4 length . It subtly covers the area from your shoulders to your upper arms, which tends to be a concern. You can also arrange it by folding it roughly several times to create a light and casual look. We also paid particular attention to the three-dimensional silhouette. By placing the switch on the back instead of on the side , the shape does not look flat when viewed from the side, and when viewed from the back, it gives a sharper look to the rounded back of an adult woman. Tailored to suit your needs .

The material is a blend of Giza cotton, which has a smooth texture with a high oil content, and Lyocell, a recycled fiber made from eucalyptus trees . It has an elegant look with a glossy finish and is moist and soft to the touch . It's a comfort that you won't be able to let go of once you get to know it.

The organdy tote bag made with the T-shirt is designed to be carried even for short outings. Organdy has a delicate and sweet impression, but in addition to black and beige, it matches a variety of basic colors, and the chocolate brown color , which can be both sweet and spicy, allows it to be matched with any occasion or tasteless. The Chaos logo embroidered with sand beige thread is also an accent.

White (Logo: Black)
*1 color available

T-shirt : 70% Tencel, 30% cotton

Bag : Organdy (100% polyester)

<Washing instructions>
Machine washable *Please check the product tag for details on washing instructions.

T-shirt: Free size

Size (unit: cm) Height shoulder width Width Sleeve Length
free size 70 94 49 26.5

Bag: H30×W31.5cm


For adult women who value free and independent sensibilities even in the era of "Chaos" where various values ​​are chaotic. We propose "high-quality everyday wear for adults" that we can understand only because we have accumulated various experiences. We offer original items and sophisticated selected items made from natural materials such as cashmere, silk, linen and alpaca cotton, as well as carefully patterned and sewn items.

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13,200 yen (tax included)

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July 20th (Thursday) from noon

*Since quantities are limited, sales will end when the planned number is reached.

Okusa Height: 161.8cm
Okusa Height: 161.8cm

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*Due to limited quantities, we do not accept cancellations or returns after purchase unless the item is defective.