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We will be holding a “Special Thanks Day”!

To express our gratitude to everyone who always patronizes AMARC, we will be holding a " Special Thanks Day " at AMARC LIFE STORE!

“Special Thanks Day” will be held for three days from September 1st (Friday) to September 3rd (Sunday) . During this period, you can purchase some products at a discounted price.

In addition, a 6-day trial size (contains 18 tablets) of "Live Love Laugh NMN 15000", which was highly requested by customers, will be on sale from Friday, September 1st. We will deliver free shipping only during the "Special Thanks Day" period.

Sale at a discount price, something that AMARC LIFE STORE has never done before. The next event is also undecided. Items that will be useful in the upcoming season are also eligible, so don't miss out on this opportunity!

Special Thanks Day
<Event period>
September 1st (Friday) noon to September 3rd (Sunday) 23:59

*After "Special Thanks Day" ends, it will be sold at the regular price (normal shipping charges will apply for the 6-day trial size (18 tablets) of "Live Love Laugh NMN 15000").

*All products are in limited quantity. Please note that the offer will end as soon as it runs out.

<Target items>

30% OFF

stretch knee high boots
<45,100 yen → 31,570 yen >

AMARC original!
Naoko Okusa's ideal knee-high boots

I've tried all sorts of knee-high boots, both foreign and Japanese brands, but these! I couldn't find any, so I asked Italian shoe brand FABIO RUSCONI to create my ideal pair.

It's easy to put your feet in, it's easy to walk in, it makes your legs look slender, and it's designed to look good with adult clothes. In addition, we made various requests such as a little traditional elements, and produced it from AMARC's original wooden pattern. In order to eliminate the stress of the tube falling down while walking, the thickness of the tube was adjusted in centimeters after making the sample. In addition, we have used eco-leather that looks like real leather to prevent it from stretching while you wear it. The height of the heel is 5 cm thick to achieve both style and ease of walking.

If you don't have one, make one! These boots began with Ohgusa's words. Like Okusa, I tried all kinds of boots but couldn't find anything that suited me, so I gave up on knee-high boots. This is a pair that I would like such people to take on.

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wool flare coat
<47,300 yen → 33,110 yen >

A flared coat for adults that adds chic to your outfit.

The “flare coat” is becoming a standard silhouette at AMARC, and has been developed in a variety of fabrics. We will be reselling the wool fabric flare coat, which was sold last year and received great reviews, in limited quantities.

The fabric is made of high quality 100% wool thread. The glossy and fluffy fabric gives the deep navy a more chic look. Because it uses fine-count yarn, it looks and feels lightweight.

Thanks to the large collar and generous amount of volume, it has a classic feel while still fitting your current mood.

The large collar gives a gentle and neat look to your face, and the three-dimensional A-line silhouette adds a dramatic edge to your outfit. You can change the silhouette by opening and closing the belt and buttons, so enjoy arranging it to suit your mood and occasion.

This coat can be enjoyed for a long time by wearing it over a thin knit at the end of autumn, or layering it with a down layer when the weather gets really cold.

*Comes with a self-fabric belt
*There are pockets on both sides

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waist ribbon blouse
<19,800 yen → 13,860 yen >

You can wear it easily and easily.
3 season blouse

Although it has the dignity of a blouse, it does not put any stress on the wearer. The boldly differentiated hem can be tied like a ribbon, allowing you to enjoy various arrangements such as tying it all together, tying it with a ribbon, or tying it like a cachecoeur.

Tying it loosely once will make your outfit look even more gorgeous. The diagonal drapes on the sides attract the eye and can be expected to enhance your style. Wrapping the ribbon around the waist to create a Cummerbelt style goes well with voluminous bottoms such as wide pants and long skirts. Depending on how you arrange it, it can be used for a wide range of purposes, from casual to dressy.

The fabric is 100% cotton, densely woven from fine threads. Special processing gives it an elegant luster. Saxophone blue has a refreshing and transparent feel, and can be worn in any color from spring to fall, including beige, navy, gray, and khaki. Enjoy the endless possibilities hidden in a smart and highly sensitive blouse.

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shirt dress

<26,400 yen → 18,480 yen,/font>>

material and color,
And a dress that “wears the wind”

Just wear it alone and it will give off a fluffy, luxurious feel. Made of stretch twill fabric that uses nylon for the warp and cotton for the weft, it has an elegant sheen and is dry to the touch. It's firm, so draw a beautiful A-line toward the hem. Furthermore, it has a water-repellent finish, which is great for rainy days.

The collar, which can be called the "face" of a shirt dress, is just the right size. By creating sharp corners, your jawline and neck line will look neat and sharp. Pay close attention to the shape of the sleeves. By making the sleeves wider and longer, a basic shirt dress becomes slightly more fashionable. It also covers the sluggishness in your shoulders and upper arms.

A deep brown without the sweetness, like high cacao chocolate, can be worn as a ``shadow color.'' We also recommend pairing it with pale yellow or smoky pink. If you want it to be extremely spicy, pair it with black. This is a dress that can be arranged as you like, such as by wearing it alone or as a cover-up.

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10% OFF

packing pouch
<17,600 yen → 15,840 yen >

Make your travels many times more comfortable,
The most youthful companion to have fun with

Now that we are in the post-corona era, we are feeling more inspired to travel. For smart travel preparation, we have created a set of nylon packing pouches in three sizes: S, M, and L. This set comes in 3 sizes: L, which fits about 2 thin coats or jackets, M, which fits about 7 T-shirts, and S, which fits about 6 pairs of short socks.

It has a handle that is convenient for taking it out of a suitcase and carrying it around, and the back is made of mesh material that is highly breathable. It has good ventilation and makes it easy to check the contents without opening the zipper, which saves time. Another great feature is that you can wash it in the washing machine if it gets dirty.

At the end of your trip, if you separate the things you want to put back into the closet and the things you need to wash, it will be surprisingly easy to unpack when you get home. The stylish color scheme of the blue-gray nylon fabric with copper red piping has the advantage that dirt is less noticeable. The playful lettering also evokes a sense of excitement. Not only can it be used as a travel companion, but you can also use it for everyday use, such as storing cosmetics or using it as an inner pouch for a mother's bag.

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free shipping

Live Love Laugh NMN 15000
[6-day trial size]

``Live Love Laugh NMN 15000 '' is an original supplement that contains ``NMN'', an aging care ingredient that is highly talked about due to its anti-aging effects. We have created a trial size for 6 days (18 tablets) so that you can feel the effects by continuing to take it every day.

For this item, the shipping fee (normally 660 yen) will be waived only during the Special Thanks Day period. If you've been interested in NMN supplements but haven't been able to give them a try, try this size first.

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*All prices listed on this page include tax.
*We do not accept cancellations or returns after purchase unless the item is defective.