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waffle haramaki for AMARC
Haramaki pants & leg warmers

A collaboration with " waffle haramaki ", a brand that develops innerwear centered around haramaki, has been realized! At the request of Okusa, who has been using waffle haramaki haramaki for a long time, we made AMARC custom haramaki pants and leg warmers.

Sales start at noon on Monday, December 11th . The fabric is stretchy and soft, so it is recommended for maternity wear or as a gift. Please do not miss it!



With fluffy soufflé dough, your body will never get cold.

As the saying goes, ``Coldness is the root of all illnesses,'' and a cold body can cause a variety of illnesses. Okusa realizes that staying cool every day leads to beauty and health. After trying various brands of cold relief items, I finally arrived at " waffle haramaki ."

Okusa, who has been using waffle haramaki for a long time, wants something like this! This collaboration was made possible by conveying this request. AMARC made Haramaki pants and leg warmers as special orders.

The most appealing thing about waffle haramaki is the softness of the fabric . The fluffy waffle fabric contains plenty of air and is slowly knitted using a precious knitting machine, one of only a few in Japan. Another appeal is that you can wear it on a daily basis without stress . It won't show on your clothes and will keep your skin dry even in sweaty seasons. Despite not being too tight, it does not slip off even when worn while sleeping, making it stress-free in all situations. Haramaki is lame! The lovely and vivid colors will help you get rid of that image and make you feel better.

Haramaki pants can be worn not only in winter, but also in summer. “ Summer creates the coldness of winter, ” so we recommend wearing it at bedtime even on hot summer days, or keeping it under your dress to prevent air conditioning. Since the haramaki and pants are integrated, it will warm up your butt cheeks, which can get cold without you even realizing it .

Leg warmers have a light and airy feel while wrapping you in comfortable warmth. It doesn't add much bulk, so you can wear it under your bottoms or layer it to protect yourself from the cold.

" Soufflé waffle " is one of waffle haramaki's signature ingredients. Like a sweet soufflé, the fluffy waffle dough contains plenty of air and is slowly knitted using a rare knitting machine, one of only a few in Japan. It has a three-dimensional structure with an uneven surface, and has excellent heat retention and breathability . There is little friction on bare skin and it is gentle on the skin .

The material is equipped with " enzyme " technology that provides long-lasting comfortable warmth and a " far-infrared rays effect " that supports circulation, as well as a " deodorizing effect " technology that takes care of unpleasant odors such as sweat, aging odor, and ammonia odor. Use "balance thread ". "Embalance yarn" is a special fiber that incorporates high-quality water containing mineral components into polyester yarn using advanced processing technology. The far infrared rays effect and deodorizing effect last even after repeated washing.

[AMARC bespoke points]
◆“Cloudy Gray” color This time, I ordered an original color. The blue-gray color with a slight white tinge is named " Cloudy Gray ." It's an elegant color that won't show through your clothes, and won't show through your underwear.

◆Overlock specifications The edges of the fabric are overlocked to eliminate stress on the surface where it is placed against the skin, and the edges of the fabric are also finished flat. By doing so, you can reduce the impact when you hide it under your clothes.

◆Haramaki pants have disposable warmer pockets, which can be said to be a winter necessity. Even if you want to warm your stomach, there is no place to put it! I think there are many people who are worried about this. For those people, we have created a pocket to put disposable body warmers . In winter, protect your body by warming yourself up with haramaki pants and a warmer.

◆Adjustment of size and length Haramaki pants have an inseam of 5cm longer than existing Haramaki pants so that they can properly warm up to the base of your legs. The length of the leg warmers has also been set to +11cm to ensure that they cover everything from the heel to below the knee. Furthermore, we created the leg warmers in a `` SLIM '' size, which is thinner than the existing size, so that even petite people can wear them comfortably.

According to popular belief, measures against getting cold are essential. It is said that when your body temperature rises by 1°C, your basal metabolism increases by 12-13%. It also increases immunity by up to 5 to 6 times. Warming your body will help you relax and calm your mind and body. I would be happy if you could use this waffle haramaki to create a body that never gets cold.

waffle haramaki
(waffle halamaki)

Tortoise Co., Ltd., which handles "waffle haramaki," is a manufacturer with its own sewing factory. Currently, in the southernmost town of Tokushima Prefecture, Kaiyo-cho, they continue to make products while carefully preserving the basics of manufacturing inherited from their predecessors. In Oriental medicine, ``coldness'' is the enemy, as ``coldness is the cause of all diseases.'' ``We want to convey the appeal of belly bands that protect and warm the body from the cold to more people.'' ``We want to make belly bands more everyday. More casual.'' ``We want them to become part of our inner wear wardrobe. ``I want to be able to pick up a belly band whenever I want.'' - The brand was started with this idea in mind. Aiming to create bellybands that add color to your everyday life, we are developing items with a focus on functionality, comfort, and design.

[Soufflé waffle haramaki pants]

<Sales price>
4,950 yen (tax included)

cloudy gray

55% cotton
42% polyester
3% polyurethane

<Washing instructions>
Machine washable *Please check the product for details on washing instructions

M size, L size

Size: Unit (cm) M L
waist 58~70 68~82
hip 82~95 91~102
24 28
Total Length 40 41
Inseam (front/back) 31/34 33/36
[Soufflé waffle leg warmers]

<Sales price>
3,410 yen (tax included)

cloudy gray

55% cotton
42% polyester
3% polyurethane

<Washing instructions>
Machine washable *Please check the product for details on washing instructions

SLIM size, REGULAR size

Size: Unit (cm) SLIM REGULAR
Width (top/bottom) 10/8 11/9
Total Length 43 43

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