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[End of order] TOQUE for AMARC back open cut and sew

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7/13 (Thursday) 12:00 to 8/3 (Thursday) 11:59 AM

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A new black color debuts in a precious bespoke cut and sew made from 100% royal baby alpaca. As the brand name "TOQUE = texture" tells, the ultimate skin comfort that makes you smile unintentionally is attractive.

Cut and sewn luxuriously using royal baby alpaca, a rare material that accounts for less than 1% of the distribution volume of alpaca. Once you try it, you will be addicted to the comfort that it gently slides on your bare skin and gradually warms you from the inside. The production process for this delicate material is extremely delicate. Move the knitting machine slowly so as not to damage the very fine thread unique to Royal Baby Alpaca, and dry naturally. With love and care, it is reborn as a soft and moist knit fabric. Since it comes in direct contact with the skin, the seams are on the outside to minimize stress. The tingling sensation on the skin is greatly reduced and you can spend the day comfortably.

The mellow tailoring of the hem and cuffs, which is a design point, has a crunchy accent that makes it look stylish even when worn alone, and it looks stylish even when worn as an inner layer. The deep back conscious design is an AMARC original. Set to an exquisite opening that goes well with any underwear or clothes. You can wear it with either side facing forward. The light and slightly sheer black color is versatile as an inner layer as well as daily wear.

* Due to the characteristics of the soft gauze fabric, the size may vary.
* Comes with a gold label certified by the International Alpaca Association.


"TOQUE" means "touch" in Spanish. Pursuing comfort that makes your skin happy and relaxes your mind and body. They develop simple tops and dresses that are timeless and use only carefully selected natural fibers. All processes such as spinning, knitting, dyeing, and sewing are performed at domestic factories. We are also particular about being able to easily wash our hands at home, and create products that you can enjoy the excitement and comfort of wearing them daily and for a long time.

On YouTube "AMARC CHANNEL", a behind-the-scenes video of the production of the magazine "AMARC magazine issue.03" that publishes this product is now available! Please take a look. >> Click here

Color black
country of origin Japan
material 100% royal baby alpaca
washing indication Hand washable *Please check the product for details on washing instructions.

Length 60
shoulder width 32
Width 33
hem width 30
Sleeve Length 59
cuff width 9

(Unit: cm)

*The size of the torso is bust 82cm, waist 60.5cm, hip 87cm.

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[End of order] TOQUE for AMARC back open cut and sew
[End of order] TOQUE for AMARC back open cut and sew
[End of order] TOQUE for AMARC back open cut and sew
[End of order] TOQUE for AMARC back open cut and sew
[End of order] TOQUE for AMARC back open cut and sew
[End of order] TOQUE for AMARC back open cut and sew
[End of order] TOQUE for AMARC back open cut and sew
[End of order] TOQUE for AMARC back open cut and sew
[End of order] TOQUE for AMARC back open cut and sew