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Sghr for AMARC Flower Vase

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It's okay because each one is different
Recycled glass that you love

A limited number of flower vases made in collaboration with "Sghr Sugahara", which has been well received in the past, are now available!

An AMARC original made from scratch, from the overall design to the caliber, diameter, and height. To make it easy to use, we made it a size that balances whether the flower material is voluminous or not.

In addition, the wavy vertical lines create the ephemeral light and shadow unique to glass and camouflage the stems. In addition, one of the features is that it uses recycled glass, which is developed in the "Sghr Recycle" series.

Recycled glass with unique colors and shapes. I hope you enjoy it, including what color it will arrive and the time you wait.

*Glass scraps of various colors are mixed and melted, and each piece is molded by hand by craftsmen. Individual differences in color also appear depending on the temperature and condition of the kiln. note that.
*There may be air bubbles and fine patterns derived from natural ingredients.

country of origin Japan
size Caliber / about 6.7cm
Diameter (largest part) / about 12cm
material Soda glass
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Sghr for AMARC Flower Vase
Sghr for AMARC Flower Vase
Sghr for AMARC Flower Vase
Sghr for AMARC Flower Vase