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[Order Closed] Bon Magique for AMARC Baroque Pearl Earrings

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"Clean and sexy. Intelligent and thoughtful. But there's something playful about it." "Bon Magic" baroque pearl jewelry that has been a favorite for over 10 years and has often been used in special styling. The long-awaited revival of the masterpiece that was introduced in the previous issue and received a great response.

Nurtured by the rich waters of the South Seas, the organic beauty of baroque pearls is unique. It's fuzzy and soft, like the moonlight reflected on the surface of the water. It has the power to gently illuminate the side face and décolletage, quietly and naturally drawing out the person's essential radiance.

"The same thing does not exist as one, attracted by its expression". Earrings and necklaces that have their roots in the innocent thoughts of the founder Taeko Shirai. It's as if they are telling us, ``People are different, and that's okay. The reason why "Bon Magic" jewelry is irreplaceable is that the founder's deep love and self-compassion still resides in each piece.

The earrings and earrings that brighten up your expression are 11mm pieces that are suitable for any occasion or style. The necklace has a rhythmic setting with grains that grow toward the center. The original color drawstring and necklace will be delivered in a special velvet box.

*Baroque pearls grown in nature have individual differences in color and size. Please note that each pearl is carefully selected and manufactured with a balance that makes the pearls look the most beautiful, so there is individuality.

[Bon Magique]

In 1982, Ms. Taeko Shirai, who was active as an apparel designer, founded the original accessory brand. Based on the idea of ​​"jewelry that you would want to wear yourself", we use unique natural stones such as South Sea baroque pearls, coral, and jade, and develop original jewelry with the keyword "delicious". In 2009, the eldest son Narumi Shirai, who studied jewelry in London, became the director. While inheriting the philosophy of Bon Magic, we add new essences such as architecture and art to develop “jewelry that is close to people” using carefully selected natural stones from all over the world. POP UP STOREs are also held nationwide in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, etc.

Hello everyone, this is Naoko Okusa. It's hot, isn't it ~. Is the end of the rainy season near? When summer comes, am I the only one who thinks about the end of the year? Now! I believe that many people have picked up "AMARC magazine Issue.03". If you haven't yet, please do so soon ♡

In the magazine, we have released 8 items introduced in the "8 stories that connect creators and you" (a good title ♡), a project that can be said to be a "buyable AMARC"! All are originals created by us AMARC and creators.

I carefully selected the color and size of the Baroque Pearl series of "Bonmagic", and I also chose the velor box that holds the necklace (which is also beautiful)♡

Not only reading magazines, but also the joy of buying, the joy of wearing, and the excitement of styling. Please, experience it!

On YouTube "AMARC CHANNEL", a behind-the-scenes video of the production of the magazine "AMARC magazine issue.03" that publishes this product is now available! Please take a look. >> Click here

country of origin Japan
size 11mm
material White Butterfly Baroque Pearl x K18YG
* YG stands for yellow gold.
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[Order Closed] Bon Magique for AMARC Baroque Pearl Earrings
[Order Closed] Bon Magique for AMARC Baroque Pearl Earrings
[Order Closed] Bon Magique for AMARC Baroque Pearl Earrings
[Order Closed] Bon Magique for AMARC Baroque Pearl Earrings
[Order Closed] Bon Magique for AMARC Baroque Pearl Earrings
[Order Closed] Bon Magique for AMARC Baroque Pearl Earrings