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*This is a ticket for real participation (seminar only). If you would like to attend the social gathering, please apply here .

Move your hands, head, and heart!
3 seminars

From morning till evening. We are offering three seminars to make your day a fruitful one.

[Seminar content]
"How to deal wisely with female hormones, the guardian angels of women's health" by Dr. Ruriko Tsushima, Director of Women's Life Clinic

“Amano’s 30 methods for creating a happy face” by beauty journalist Kayoko Amano

Freelance announcer Mika Horii x AMARC Editor-in-Chief Naoko Okusa "Career and child-rearing considered in 10-year units. Life planning from age 50"

For more information on the seminar, please see the AMARC article .

Tickets for real participation include attending 3 courses and lunch.
There are two types: ``Seminar only'' and ``Social gathering included'', so please be sure to apply correctly. No matter which type of participation you take, you will receive luxurious goods from companies that support "Autumn of Learning."

[Date and time]
Sunday, November 19, 2023

Toranomon Hills Forum Hall A
5th floor, 1-23-3 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo > Click here for access details

・This is a limited event. If the upper limit is reached, the sale will end.

・For both “Real Participation” and “Online Participation”, applications can only be made for all three courses. We do not accept applications for individual courses. note that.

・Details of the day and seminar materials will be sent via email approximately one week before the seminar.

・On November 19th (Sunday), due to track switching work on the Yamanote Line at JR Shibuya Station, some sections of the Yamanote Line (inner loop Ikebukuro → Shinjuku → Shibuya → Osaki section) will be closed from the first train to the last train. The service will be suspended, and the frequency of service will be reduced on other sections of the Yamanote Line. Please see here for more information and be careful when coming.

・Lunch will be provided for those attending in person. Please enjoy it at the seminar venue.

・For those who participated in the seminar, we will send a recorded video of the seminar for review approximately one week after the seminar ends. (This applies to both real and online participation)

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[Take place on Sunday, November 19th ]<br>"Autumn of Learning"<br> Live ticket <span style="color: