<big>10月13日(金)発売!<br>Armor-lux for AMARC<br>ボーダーカットソー<br>& Ohayo Oyasumi Oil Serum Setの<br>定期購入がスタートします</big>

Released on Friday, October 13th!
Armor-lux for AMARC
Horizontal-striped long-sleeve T-shirt
& Subscription service of Ohayo/Oyasumi Oil Serum Set

In conjunction with the publication of AMARC magazine issue.03 , ``8 Stories that Connect You and the Creator'' was developed at AMARC LIFE STORE. We have decided to resell the Armor-lux for AMARC Horizontal-striped long-sleeve T-shirt, which has been well received!

Sales start on Friday, October 13th 12:00 PM (JST) .
Items will be delivered immediately, so please enjoy it with your fall wardrobe.

In addition, in response to many requests from our customers, we have decided to start a subscription service for Ohayo Oyasumi Oil Serum Set . Subscription service are available at a discount compared to the regular price.
Dry skin will become more of a concern in the coming season. We hope you will continue to use Ohayo Oyasumi Oil Serum and feel the change in your skin.

Armor-lux for AMARC

Horizontal-striped long-sleeve T-shirt


Armor-lux for AMARC Horizontal-striped long-sleeve T-shirt ¥22,000/AMARC LIFE STORE
Armor-lux for AMARC Horizontal-striped long-sleeve T-shirt ¥22,000/AMARC LIFE STORE
Armor-lux for AMARC Horizontal-striped long-sleeve T-shirt ¥22,000/AMARC LIFE STORE

I'm enjoying again with "who I am now"..
Rekindling a love of Horizontal-stripe

`` Almo Luxe '' has been an icon for over 70 years, making the Breton shirt loved dearly by Parisians and Parisienne who cherish the good old things. What we created together with such a historical brand is a piece that can be reinterpreted as something that I really like. This is a product that we are confident that even those who have been away from the border should try it.

The well-calculated pitch width, the comfort of organic cotton, and the airy silhouette... While retaining the charm of Armo Luxe's ​​supple and intelligent Basque shirt, we have updated it to become a new standard for adults.

The base is size 3 (S size) of the Breton shirt "FT Long Sleeve [Basic Fit]", which is called a timeless masterpiece. By widening the collar and making the front collar fall a little deeper, the design subtly reveals the collarbone. The length is a little shorter, so you can see the waist area neatly. It also has side slits, so when you take the hem out, there is a gap, and you can also put it in at the front for a neat look. The ease of arrangement has been greatly improved.

White x rich navy

100% organic cotton

【country of origin】

[Washing instructions]
Machine washable (please check the product tag for washing instructions)

one size

Length 56.5
shoulder width 44.5
bust 100
sleeve length 78
Sleeve Length 56
sleeve width 18.4
cuff width 11.2

(Unit: cm)

[About purchasing]

<Sales start>
Friday, October 13th 12:00 PM (JST)

*Limited quantity available. If the planned number is reached, sales may be discontinued.

<Delivery time>
Delivered sequentially after purchase


Naoko Okusa Height: 161.8cm
Naoko Okusa Height: 161.8cm
Naoko Okusa Height: 161.8cm
Naoko Okusa Height: 161.8cm

[Subscription service]

Ohayo,Oyasumi Oil Serum Set

[Subscription service] Ohayo, Oyasumi Oil Serum Set ¥11,880/AMARC LIFE STORE

Stimulating the five senses,
A talisman oil that purifies your skin and mind.

Four years have passed since the concept was conceived. An original oil serum that took many years to develop. Even the mornings are depressing. Even on nights when my heart is in turmoil. Check out the scent, caress your skin, breathe deeply, and let it absorb slowly and thoroughly. I love myself more today than I did yesterday. Experience that peace.

The oil serum, which has been created with careful attention to ingredients, texture, scent, and container structure, can be used in a variety of ways, such as as a booster, moisturizer, and adding shine. ``Ohayo'' contains ingredients such as purple root, which removes dullness. A refreshing scent based on lemongrass. "Oyasumi" contains jojoba oil that moisturizes the skin. Scented with lavender, which has a relaxing effect. The color gradation divided into two layers also has a soothing effect. It is divided into a water layer and an oil layer, and in addition to the effects of oil, you can also expect the effects of serum.

The gentle color and scent, the feel of it sliding on your skin, all stimulate your five senses and slowly loosen up your stiff skin and nerves. Make it a habit to use beauty oil like a talisman, which affects not only your appearance but also your insides.

Squalane, water, glycerin, BG, glycosphingolipid, pentylene glycol, macadamia seed oil, jojoba seed oil, olive fruit oil, canina rose fruit oil, tocopherol, argania spinosa kernel oil, sclerocaria birea seed oil, horseradish Seed oil, sesame seed oil, glycyrrhizic acid 2K, sweet potato, sake lees extract, ethanol, purple root extract, glucosyl rutin, lemongrass leaf oil, lemon peel oil, eucalyptus leaf oil, fragrance, methylparaben, caffeine, phenoxyethanol

Water, jojoba seed oil, sunflower seed oil, glycerin, BG, argania spinosa kernel oil, moringa seed oil, sesame seed oil, glycyrrhizic acid 2K, glyceryl glucoside, honey, sake lees extract, polysorbate 80, platinum, salicornia extract, 1, 2-hexanediol, ethylhexylglycerin, glucosylrutin, glycosphingolipid, xanthan gum, Haematococcus pluvialis extract, pentylene glycol, caprylic/capric triglyceride, squalane, macadamia seed oil, olive fruit oil, caninabara fruit. Oil, tocopherol, argentina oil, lavender oil, fragrance, methylparaben, phenoxyethanol

【country of origin】

30mL each

[About Subscription service]

<Service start date and time>
Friday, October 13th 12:00 PM (JST)

Regular set price: 13,200 yen (tax included)
→Subscription service purchase price: 11,880 yen (tax included)

*Applicable only to Ohayo and Oyasumi Oil Serum Set.
*This is a regular purchase item with a minimum 3-month contract and will be delivered once a month.

*All prices listed on this page include tax.
*We do not accept cancellations or returns after purchase unless the item is defective.