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Sales start on Thursday, July 6th!
AMARC magazine issue.03

The sale of " AMARC magazine issue.03 " will finally start tomorrow, July 6th (Thursday)!
For those who missed the pre-order, and those who were looking forward to the release, please do not miss this opportunity.

To celebrate the sale, AMARC LIFE STORE will offer a set of issues.01-03 for sale (with limited time offer).

AMARC magazine issue.03

AMARC magazine issue.03 ¥2,200


Strong and beautiful “photographs” with a soul
"Words" that remain for 100 years――

"AMARC magazine" conveys a worldview and values ​​that can only be conveyed through "paper."

issue.03 is a fusion issue of fashion and beauty. What is beauty seen with macro eyes, not micro eyes? What is the "beauty of the appearance" that is not only the beauty of the structure, but also the way of life and the way of thinking? ――We will unravel and propose the “beautiful person” that AMARC considers from various angles and perspectives.

A4 variant

<number of pages>
128 pages

・Hermes beauty × AMARC
The beauty of appearance

・Only nature, only oneself
PARIS cosmetic shelf

・ New sense of values ​​created by Chaos × THREE Elegance and masculine ――
two profiles

・Put on denim and pull the lip

・Beauty that colors your life

"Eight stories" that connect creators and you



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<Sales date and time>
July 6th (Thursday) 12:00 PM-

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¥2,200 (tax included)

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After your purchase, we will deliver it in order.


AMARC magazine
issue 01-03
We will release the 3rd set with benefits!

AMARC magazine Set (issue.01,02,03)
AMARC magazine issue.01
AMARC magazine issue.02
AMARC magazine issue.03

"AMARC magazine" conveys a worldview and values ​​that can only be conveyed through "paper." The AMARC LIFE STORE will sell the 3-issue set from the first issue to issue.03 so that you can fully feel the values. In addition, for those who have purchased the set, benefits are also available for a limited time. Don't miss this opportunity!

[Bonus period]
July 6, 2023 (Thursday) 12:00 PM to July 17, 2023 (Monday) 11:59 AM

[Benefit Details]

✔︎Free shipping when purchasing AMARC magazine No. 3 set
We will deliver the product free of charge, normally 660 yen.

✔︎ Present a message card handwritten by Naoko Okusa (limited quantity)
We will include a postcard printed with the cover of AMARC magazine issue.01 or issue.02 with a message handwritten by Okusa.

*The type of postcard will be random and cannot be selected.
*The number of message cards is limited. If the planned number is reached, this benefit will end.

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* Coupon expiration period: July 18th (Tuesday) to August 20th (Sunday) 11:59 AM 2023
(Coupon can be used only once per person during the above usage period)

*Information on how to use the coupon code and coupon code will be sent to eligible users by email after July 18th.
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